We are a multidisciplinary representation agency. At AC Management, we work to meet every need related to the professional activity of our riders; we always offer a solution to every issue. We are committed so that riders only need to think about being the best on the track. 


Comprehensive sports contract management

We analyze the world of motorsports, select the team and manage the rider’s sports triumphs to build a successful career. We offer customized advice; we believe in the importance of where and when, and thus we provide realistic advice so that the final decisions are the most favorable to their sports career.



Management of sponsorships, image rights and licenses

We evaluate the market and actively work to ensure that our riders establish lasting ties to top brands. We manage your image rights, ensuring their legal protection, and your good reputation. We also plan all the returns from trademark licenses, establishing strategic alliances with large companies to produce special collections.




Our CEO Emilio Alzamora uses all his professional background as a former rider to serve as a sports advisor to our riders, getting involved in every aspect of the competition. His presence at every Grand Prix and pre-season testing is a fundamental support for our athletes, and at the same time he is what sets our agency apart from the rest.


and media

We are the official channel of contact between riders and the mass media. We handle formal requests for interviews and control their deadlines, organizing how they are held and coordinating them according to the rider’s professional and personal calendar. We carry out an exhaustive follow-up of all the information published in the media and ensure the transmission of a correct image and values.



We activate all the sponsorship events, manage the signing and implementation of events, shootings, meet & greet sessions with the brands for which our riders are ambassadors. We also know that staging your sports achievements on the track is a key factor for their brand image. 


Social media

We assign a social media manager to each rider to professionalize their presence in the mass media and on their social networks. With a strategic and analytical mindset, we review metrics, create content, execute campaigns for your sponsors, promote the growth of your community of followers and try to detect what kind of graphic content and story lines are best received. We keep up-to-date on all the trends to offer our riders a better digital experience.


360º personal

We represent the rider, but above all we empathize with the person beyond the racing circuits. We always strive to be the professional and emotional support, to be the sound advice and the break you may need when you are constantly in the limelight. Our goal is for our riders to be happy, both on and off the track. We always offer a solution to every problem or shortcoming.


and CSR

Our riders are in a privileged position from which they can get involved in charitable acts that improve life and the course of the world. Therefore, we are their connection to NGOs, such as UNICEF and the Red Cross, with whom we work actively to promote charitable partnerships.